Guidance for Viewings - Attendees

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic the Government has put into place new measures and guidelines to ensure that every precaution is taken to ensure everyone is kept safe in our journey back to normal life.


Following the Government’s announcement on the 13th May 2020 to lift the restrictions in place on the property industry, here at HPS we have been working hard (as we have throughout lockdown) to ensure that our return to work and normal practice happened as quickly and as safely as possible. 


Following the guidelines in place, currently we are unable to arrange viewings for anyone who is not considered to be in a proceedable position (i.e. sold STC, cash purchase, mortgage in principle…). We can of course register your interest and as soon as you are proceedable, we can get you booked in.


You will also notice a checklist that our team will go through with you whilst booking the appointment, these are points put in place and enforced by the Government and must be followed during each appointment – if you are not willing or unable to confirmation or abide by these point we will be unable to arrange you an appointment.


The guidelines for viewings are as below:


  • You will be required to confirm if anyone attending viewing or their family have experienced COVID-19 symptoms currently or in the last 2 weeks. If anyone has displayed symptoms then we would be unable to arrange a viewing for you at the present time, we can of course arrange a viewing for you once anyone attending the viewing or their family have been clear of symptoms for a period of at least 2 weeks.
  • Only 2 adults from the same household are permitted to attend the viewing appointment, no children are able to attend
  • All appointments need to be prior arranged with our office, to ensure that these points are clarified. A pre-arranged appointment is also required to ensure that the property has been cleaned and disinfected prior to your attendance. All door handles, light switches, surfaces… will be cleaned and disinfected again between appointments. Should you not pre-arrange an appointment and you attend the property, you will be turned away.
  • There is a minimum of 15 minutes between appointments, please allow for this when you are arranging consecutive viewings.
  • All doors and windows will be left open to allow for clear passage throughout the property and ventilation. You must not touch any surfaces, close doors or turn lights off whilst at the appointment.
  • Social distancing must be maintained at all times, where not possible then the member of our team accompanying the viewing (or the owner of the property) will wait in another room or outside of the property.
  • All members of our team will be wearing full PPE at all times including face masks, visors and disposable gloves. These will be changed between appointments.
  • We must advise that anyone attending a viewing wears the appropriate PPE, this will not be provided by HPS.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to give our team a call on 01964 533 343.