Selling FAQ's

I want to sell my property. What should I do first?
Firstly, you need to arrange a market appraisal to obtain the current value of your property, at this appointment you will be able to seek further advice in relation to advertising your home, the services the estate agent can offer you and information in relation to the current property market in your area. You can then make a plan that best suits you and your circumstances to help you move forward.

How much will it cost to sell my property?
There are three main costs when it comes to selling a property:

  • Estate Agent Fees - this will either be a set fee or calculated based on a percentage of your sale price. Before putting your property up for sale with an estate agent, ensure that you fully understand the fee being charged and what services are included.
  • EPC (Energy Performance Certificate - The majority of properties are required by law to have a valid EPC to either sell or rent the property. This details the energy efficiency rating of the property; we can of course arrange for an EPC to be carried out on your behalf. For more information regarding EPC please click here.
  • Conveyancing - is the legal transfer of your property to the buyer. For this to take place you will need to employ a solicitor, the price of this service will vary significantly, again we can help you with arranging quotations and looking for a solicitor that can handle your sale, just give our team a call.

Do I need to conduct viewings?
Not unless you would prefer this, as your estate agent we do highly recommend that you allow a member of our team to conduct all viewings on your behalf. Not only is this what we are trained to do but, it also puts potential buyers are ease. It has been found that on average potential purchasers are more likely to ask questions and discuss honest feedback with an estate agent then they are to with the property owner directly.

How long will it take?
Conveyancing is one of the most time consuming aspects of any home move.

If the property is empty and the buyer does not require a mortgage, a sale or purchase can be completed within a few days. However, this is very unusual and it is more likely a mortgage will need to be approved and there will be a chain of transactions to contend with. If this is the case, then it usually possible to complete the purchase within 8-12 weeks.

We understand the pressured timescales involved in property transactions and we do all we can to progress the transaction as quickly as possible.